Show starts at: 3:10

Divided Public: 11:17

Who is placing the Bricks: 26:27

Moon Mining Settlements: 48:51

Strange Sounds in Texas: 1:31:08

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  • my political platform would state that controlled mainstream and alternative media that gate keeps real life issues are the enemies of humanity new laws involving corona virus violate basic human rights i would also legalize all drugs ending the war on drugs my political platform also advocates for the end of secret societies and open source information i also support all conspiracies i would investigate all the unsolved mysteries of humanity i hate the masons the Jesuits and the Zionists and all the elite scumbags i would also advocate for common law i would end all factory farming but advocate for gardening organic farming fishing and hunting.

  • hey my name is Eric you if i were to run for political office my platform would say no 5 g tech no vaccinations no to martial law no to chemical and biological or nuclear weapons but yes on proper self defense of any kind likes guns swords knifes and other weapons no geoengineering no to genetically modified foods no to microchip implants with radio frequency identification i will always use cash to keep all my freedoms 5 g tech kills people plants and animals no to forced control of any kind including government no to centralized banking no to any and all taxes, fees, fines, bail, mortgages, loans, foreclosures and other forms of usury no to the new world order elites that run our lives.

    • yeah, some of my soundclips aren’t normalized, my bad on that one. I do run my live audio HOT., but that audio clip was of a new studio microwave.