Start Time: 1:53
UFO Crash Material: 3:40
Roswell Diary: 11:20
Man Protests Masks in England: 27:28
Ron Paul on McCloskey Couple: 33:25
Nick Sandman vs the Mainstream Medka: 44:07
Roby from NY calls in about UFOs: 50:48
Lazy Logic and bad arguments: 1:03:13

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Midnight Mike

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  • 43:02 and left screen guy…how do you know the LIE-RUS is NOT fake? it could be 100% Fabricated man ….you dont know anyone who died of it….or know anyone who knows anyone….hmmmmm its all bullshit

  • FOR THE RECORD, i believe in aliens for the most part but i think what the soft disclosure is should be obvious to everyone with a good nose for bullshit

    Project blue beam: AKA FAKE ALIEN INVASION

    in the end, there aim is mass de-population so they can more easily control the remaining humanities

    any time you see or read about “killer hornets” or something like global warming “releasing anthrax frozen in animal carcasses ” you know its lube for the ass rapeing genocide they plan to initiate

    notice how there is constantly talk about an asteroid hitting earth at any time?

    they plan to nuke us when we get out of hand and blame it on a space rock

    if you cant see what im saying…your probably in need of ALPHA BRAIN shot straight into your penis hole