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Missing 411: 9:37
CIA UFO Events: 34:13
CNN is Not Biased: 35:15
Kamla Harris: 1:04:35
Lithium in the Water: 1:56:18

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Midnight Mike

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  • i think Gregory Mann a r in o s website is called traders choice net have this guy on there is also James Robert Wright a former Scottish rite free mason from Dallas Texas i would also suggest Jason Goodman from crowd source the truth i also suggest Mark Pass i o from WWW what on earth is really happening com he is a Illuminati defector there is also Jay Parker a former Illuminati defector of sorts i think Sam Tripoli would also enjoy Kate Shemirani from England she is a nurse and a anti vaccine activist.

  • i also think you guys in the swarm or the tin foil hat podcast might enjoy Gregory Mann a r in o he looks like Jared’s cousin or something he is a economist maybe a free mason just by looking at this guy or former one or a former Jesuit or CIA or mos sad or mi 5 mi 6 or intelligence or KGB or st as i or gestapo agent another good guest is Rosa K o i re she is the expert on agenda 21 and agenda 2030 you might also like Spiro from activist post there is also Sean from Sgt report there is dahboo777 or 77 or underground world news and there is also Patrick wood a expert on technocracy.

  • i think Mr Sam Tripoli will also enjoy mike Adams from natural news and Lisa Haven a great journalist in the alternative media there is Greg Hunter he is also a alternative media journalist and a economist there is Dave Hodges from the common sense show he is from Arizona there is Brandon smith from WWW. alternative market. com and there is Dr Thomas horn from sky watch television which also deals in conspiracies and spirituality i also suggest Ra mo la d reports or something like that a great female alternative news journalist how about Vincent Bruno he exposing something called Noah IDE laws which means Talmudic free masonic Jesuit Zionist laws for a discussion how about lets us have on Dr Judy from plan Dem i c or Del big tree from VAX ed let us also bring in Syrian girl on this podcast for a talk how about Jake Morphing or Jacob m from black stone intelligence i cannot spell at all sometimes there is also Leo Zagami there is also Jana Ben DE noon to talk together with she survived living under communism and she is the wife of Steven Ben DE noon there is also Dr Eugene Micheal Jones from culture wars i would also suggest Dr Edward Du t ton or the jolly heretic very smart guy i think i have more but let me think about some good ones for this month and next month. i think if people should use your podcast to express their freedom of speech and other rights before there are taken away by the sons brothers sisters aunts uncles parents daughters and children of the fallen ones my bible call them the sons of the old gods of the past or the sons or children of darkness in dead sea scrolls the one percent the new world order the elites the globalists take away all our freedoms and even our lives in the bible all truthers will be arrested for trumped up charges accuse the puns to courthouses to be put on trial imprisoned or face capital punishment and torture or being exterminated like pests and bugs and as terrorists defined by the elites.

  • i think Mr Sam Tripoli would enjoy g Edward griffin Dr Cynthia McKinney and Dr Ron Paul on his podcast the Resistance the rebel alliance is rising i think another guest is Celeste Sol um and Steve Quayle there is also Gary Wayne author of genesis six conspiracy check out this guy there is also Nicholson 1968 let us also get in Brian Young from high impact flicks or blogs on your podcast you might also like face like the sun Eddie Bravo should also come back on let us have in the Fullerton informer Joseph along with Robert Ski Ba there is also k j or the scariest movie ever to talk with i would also like on point preparedness with its host named Mike you could also look for Richard K a l berg another guy is Dr Stan Deyo you like this guy as well he knows about earth changes he calls it and other stuff another conspiracy guy is Dr La Marzulli i think he lives in Malibu he is a alternative historian and archaeologist not welcomed by mainstream scientists maybe have in James Perl off he is a great knowledgeable guy on conspiracies and history author of several books you might also enjoy Dr Joy Pugh she talks a lot of knowledge and truth bombs on the shroud of Turin and the possibility of prince William of England being a clone like Barack Obama is of a pharaoh or king of ancient Egypt stated by freeman fly.

    • I’m sorry “Eric you”, but I really dont think these are the best guests for Sam. LA Marzulli might be good. Ron Paul maybe, but Stan Dayo, On Point Preparedness and most of the others you cite, I’d Really be surprised if some of them would even want to be on Sams show.

  • hey if you want to talk about conspiracies and spirituality along with health follow Dr Loraine Jeanette day she has been on several television shows and in the alternative news or truth community for a very long time another person is Dr Ted Bro Er from health masters com he is also a entrepreneur he makes and sells the best vitamins and health products in the alternative health market there is also Steven Ben DE noon from Israeli news live he is very spiritual and knows a ton of knowledge incurring i think you will also enjoy Gerald Ce lent e from trends research he talks a lot about economics like Jeff the dollar vigilante you could also get in Dean Henderson a very smart spiritual guy if you like planet x and other things try John Moore the liberty man another guest i think you will like is Kris Anne Hall she is one of the best lawyers in country and a expert on the constitution the bill of rights and a activist for truth on legal matters.