Start Time: 4:17
TikTok Witches: 18:30
Shipping a UFO: 42:19
More Mystery Drones: 45:10
UN Vaccines: 54:20
Strange DARPA Projects: 1:10:05
Halloween in 2020: 1:26:41
Man does not share McDonalds with Family: 1:36:45

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  • hmm i wonder what kind of things Mr Sam Tripoli will discuss on tin foil hat for the rest of this month along with some spiritual stuff could Eddie bravo or Ryan Dawson come back i also like bishop Larry gaiters and Jordan Maxwell i heard this guy has a stroke i hope he comes back on soon i also like Greg Carl wood from higher side chats to be back on your show maybe even Freeman fly or some new and old returning guests.

  • so is the tin foil hat podcast doing something tomorrow is the anniversary of 911 could it be time to bring back on Ryan Dawson and Richard Gage Whitney Webb and a few other conspiracy theorists together like union of the unwanted maybe even Alex Jones back on for a epic 911 tribute show.