Start Time: 3:50
Debate Recap: 7:00
911 System Down: 18:13
Caller: Agenda 21: 35:07
Vegas Shooting: 50:43
Man Steals Truck to meet Aliens: 59:31
Time Travel News: 1:11:15

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Midnight Mike

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  • due to Donald trump and Joseph Biden along with Michael pence and kamala Harris along with Nancy Pelosi and other government officials dead or in the emergency room from mysterious causes a 37 year old or 36 year old or 33 year old random guy living in the city of Washington dc named Michael Goldsmith Junior is the designated survivor he becomes president of the united states of America this guy was recommended or voted on or selected by the new world order Michael Goldsmith Junior is also put in the position of being secretary general of the united nations due to other world leaders dead or in the emergency room from mysterious viral or bacterial outbreak and the collapse of the world economy other surviving world leaders surrender their authority to Michael Goldsmith Junior and the whole world declares a state of emergency Michael Goldsmith Junior meets with the planets true leaders the deep state the shadow government the new world order the globalists they decide on making Michael a lifetime member of the all the secret societies on planet earth in fact the secret societies declare Michael the new messiah the savior of humanity as he brings peace to the world later the lizard people the reptilians the grays or some weird aliens extraterrestrial beings or demons or fallen angels arrive they inject Michael with some weird combination of animal and plant genes from around the world along with their own genetic codes to make Michael one of them Michael begins doing some things similar to what people call godlike or angelic but actually some inversion of those myths and shows his dark side his demonic mutated psychopathic self becomes unmasked before the world he declares himself king and god the people are brainwashed and injected with mysterious biological things and chemical agents to obey Michael for the rest of their lives or be put to death or sent to reeducation sensitivity training centers by Michael’s new world order soldiers or peace keepers there is no more law enforcement due to Michael’s goons now run the world all forms of art music literature and mass media is also banned expect for the new world order news network the world news network all forms of government is banned expect for Michael’s one nation earth or international confederation of nations this replaces the united nations and NATO and all armed forces there is one global digital cashless currency called the holy implant of the dear lord Michael.