Start Time: 6:30
The Phenomenon UFO Movie Clips: 11:40
LAX JetPack Update: 48:12
YouTube Channel Bans: 53:00
Supreme Court Hearings: 59:00
The Biden Boys: 1:08:00
Open Lines: 1:18:00
Chinese Troops in Canada: 1:44:07

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  • oh my goodness joe Biden is a so corrupt why is he not dead yet or in a prison like San Quintin or in a cell with MS Ghislaine Maxwell this could be like WikiLeaks level shit I would also enjoy seeing the bushes the Clintons and the Obamas also in a prison cell or murdered by angry mobs of black lives matter and anti fa knocking down the doors of their houses with dynamite locking all the doors in their houses just like in Waco 911 and other terrorist attacks or murdered just like Osama bin laden that former Libyan leader and Saddam Hussein if i was the president or a congressman or senator or something if you take a human life by murder then that person or criminals life must be taken from them same with the trump family for killing all those peasants and beggars around the world in fact everyone single person man or woman or gay lesbian bisexual or tranny or other thing in government must be in a prison cell or murdered for crimes against humanity.