Thank you so much for tuning in for another Tin Foil Hat with Sam Tripoli. This episode I welcome James Corbett and Ricky Varnadas to discuss being a Dad in today’s society and the what is going with this Coronavirus.

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  • About twenty minutes in I started getting pretty sick of Ryan’s voice… oof. Otherwise, great episode. Corbett’s always the best!

  • yeah i Eric you is still looking forward to Adam green the Zionist crushing caveman dude from know more news or at least that debate on Ralph retort made him look like a caveman from the Flintstones or something like the commercial or a viking warrior i like vikings Adam green also reminds me of a roman gladiator of sorts or a ancient Greek philosopher or character or maybe a knight from the crusades bringing back chivalry to make america great again or america first definitely not Israel or synagogue of Saturn/ Satan/ Beelzebub/ Lucifer/ Cronus/ Prometheus the personification of evil, chaos, death, war and destruction the lower case god of the planet earth and the material world first not me i support the gentile defense league or a anti slavery political action committee i serve Joshua Emmanuel Ben David or Joshua the messiah also known as Jesus Christ since i am a Christian born of Miriam or Mary of Nazareth stepfather is Joseph from Nazareth and the god of love goodness order and creation Yahweh Elohim in the original biblical narrative.

  • my own theory is that could humanity be so cruel greedy and violent bad and mean that the extraterrestrials the gods from outer space decided to put a end to the human experiment we are destroying our one and only home planet the earth and making a few groups of wealthy people only slightly more richer and the extraterrestrials have chosen the sir William Henry gates the third as their ambassador or the one to set the stage for destruction and recreation of the entire planet earth or the universe like in those ancient flood or deluge myths found throughout the world.

  • hmm corona virus in Latin is called the crown virus that is kind of weird the crown is the crown corporation located in the city of London where the bank of England one of the oldest central banks in the world is located the crown is also the royal families all over the earth or crown is the code name for the Illuminati curse sir William gates junior that asshole needs his ass kicked by Eddie bravo or a pro wrestler like Jesse ventures the Vietnam war veteran on rt.

  • Yo Sam, Did you know that a literal Rothchild, Kate Rothchild, runs the British Branch of Jay-Z’s label Rockafella??
    Also, have you looked the U.S. cities that have started to implement 5G Technology.
    Even more so have you looked into the European and Asian countries that already have hella 5G and which countries are more affected by Corona? (China, Italy,Spain, Australia, Iran).
    Moreso have you looked into Vodafone, and wear they have big 5G contracts (all the countries above) and made a huge deal with China not too long ago with regards to 5G. In the United States which carrier is said to have the widest and Best 5G coverage? T-Mobile and guess who made a fat dal and owns a large part of T-mobile as of like 5 years ago? Yep its Vodafone. Whom i think might have its headquarters in the City of London
    Trying to sum up a lot of info but I did some research and there is something there man.
    Look into It (Eddie Bravo Voice)

  • hi Mr Samuel Tripoli ever realize when you mix red and blue we get the color purple or violet who on this earth loves to wear a purple or violet attire or some shade of violet or purple could it be Queen Elizabeth and pope Francis there are pictures of them wearing tons of purple or violet shaded attire just like ancient emperors from Rome and maybe in ancient Greece and other ancient civilizations as well other colors associated with royalty is gold or yellow shaded colors from tons of ancient medieval and present day civilizations.

  • also in my fictional scenario the bible the Koran and other holy texts are burned due contact with the corona virus a new holy book the book of Saturn Cronus or Beelzebub or Satanic bible is the only book allowed all other books from the old world order will be confiscated along with magazines and other forms of literature from the old world order all websites are deleted and replaced with the new world order propaganda websites well this is just my fan fiction of a world under tyranny after a viral outbreak similar to now ha ha ha.

  • also in the clad e x drill on may 15 2018 1/3 of congress is dead or incapacitated there is a nationalized healthcare system the Dow Jones average is down ninety percent our national GDP is down fifty percent unemployment is twenty percent united states healthcare and health insurance systems have collapsed many healthcare workers are dead became disabled or quit the government pays for all healthcare along with control of the remaining healthcare providers and rations healthcare or health insurance president Donald trump is in critical condition at a hospital in this simulated drill vice president Micheal pence is in the intensive care unit at a hospital speaker of the house that is Nancy becomes america’s acting president and the first female president of the united states two supreme court judges are dead along with senior ranking members of the trump administration other estimates if the vaccine is widespread then we still have 150 million deaths according to world health organization but in other parts of the world there is massive losses of life economic collapse famines and civil unrest mass exodus from large cities leading to spread of this mysterious disease another one estimate is about six million deaths in the united states if vaccines are made six months early but if not there could be thirty or forty million deaths in the united states and 900 million deaths worldwide. the disease could burn itself out or become endemic those who refuse the omega vaccine will be arrested put on trial and imprisoned or even worse be tortured severely and put to death no one will be able to buy or sell anything without the omega vaccine there is a new world government for the rest of the survivors this one is called one nation earth or one or the international confederation of nations or icon or global peace initiative led up supreme chancellor president emir lord emperor prince king baron earl sultan master Adrian Astor Rockefeller Rothschild Juniors i made this one up as part of my own twisted dark humor and his spiritual adviser in charge of global religious matters pope Leonardo just to make this simulation more dark my version is Pope Francis dies from my corona viral outbreak so pope Leonardo xxxviii takes control of a global one world satanic occult religion worshiping Beelzebub or Satan more out in the open in public those who refuses are arrested put on trial imprisoned by heavy fines exiled to the wastelands severely tortured do heavy labor in labor camps or sent to concentration camps to be put to death by having rocks tossed at the criminal or traitor to the new world order at a sporting event burned at the stake or in gas chambers strangulated via hanging or decapitation via a sword or a knife or a guillotine the vaccine will also come with a radio frequency identification microchip placed on the area of vaccination which by the new world order health and human services division will be the right hand and the vaccine will come with a blood transfusion that will change genetics another way is surgical implantation in the skull area at birth for newborn citizens of the new world order.

    • Jesus, “Eric you”! That was the world’s longest sentence! No one can take you seriously or even waste time trying to decipher that jumbled mess. Please google “period”, “comma”, “punctuation”, and “grammar” instead of looking up 9/11 and Queen Elizabeth. Once you can formulate a sentence properly, then come here. Are you just a dumb shill to make Sam’s supporters look crazy? We all hate you.

  • hey Mr Samuel Tripoli check out the pandemic drill in may 15 2018 this one is called disease clad e- x this one estimated 900 million deaths worldwide could disease x be something like the corona virus the vaccine in this drill is called the omega vaccine what in the hell is the Illuminati thinking seriously in may 15 2018 they had a drill just like days or months weeks years before the September 11 2001 terrorist attacks and Oklahoma city bombing sandy hook Boston bombings and other false flag scare tactics i smell lizard juices made from lizard blood lizard feces lizard saliva and lizard urine could this omega vaccine be the mark of the beast the one world global currency followed by one world police state one world government one world armed forces set up along with one world religion in the works curses Alex Jones and other conspiracy theorists are right must have Nostradamus like powers or like a prophet. i also saw the event 201 meetings in October 18 2019 where they did a simulation of a worldwide viral outbreak epidemic or outbreak.

  • we should also toss Jeff of amazon the Walton family the last remaining Koch brother Mark from Facebook and other billionaires and millionaires that own large corporations into a active volcano there is also Bill gates throwing his ass into the active volcano would satisfy mother earth for a while. maybe a few Rockefeller family members the bushes George Schwartz some Rothschild family members some of the house of Saudi Arabia Benjamin the prime minister of Israel Larry Silver stein Micheal the skeleton looking one and Barack Hussein Obama plus Micheal Obama oops Michelle into an active volcano yeah taking a long swim in boiling lava would be good for these evil people.

  • hmm maybe the corona virus will go away when we toss queen Elizabeth the royal family Pope Francis and some high ranking officials in the Vatican and Hillary Clinton some of CIA and FBI and other government officials agents and government workers not all of them into the volcanoes in Hawaii or Iceland or some other active volcano geyser or hot spring.

  • wait what who stole my name curses well i am outraged and triggered well today is Sunday hopefully the elections would not be cancelled giving the Illuminati a chance to start martial law or wait just a little longer for a nuclear strike somewhere on the earth maybe Iran or the Korean peninsula of both North and south Korea along with Israel Russia and china Pakistan and India or more intervention in Latin america like Cuba and Venezuela while everyone else focus on this corona virus hysteria.

  • You are doing great work Sam, IMHO the gov. is sadly raising (or i should say brainwashing) our children, and most let it happen. The only thing we learn in school is how to regurgitate information, and how to follow orders !!! Congratulations on your kids , may they have good health and success

  • This was a cool show. I have had the fear of being a parent just because this vaccine ordeal although I realize I have to just go for it and see where the cards fall and provide the best information for these decisions. This show gave good insight on the attitude and action to take if you ask me. I know we ain’t alone!

  • I am Sam’s biggest hater but also his biggest dickrider. I comment on every video TFH posts, mostly saying negative things because I am jealous, envious, and hate myself. Please help me because I’m sad all the time and simply pretend to know more than everyone because I’m insecure.

  • I am mentally retarded and am going to type nonsensical comments on this video and I ramble and don’t know how to use punctuation gee I wonder who will be on podcast next man I am lonely and have no life abortion genocide Sanger klan I am an orphan

  • TFH quality going down especially after after having 2 home runs with Larry Gaiters. Get more people like him and you will be the Joe Rogan of conspiracies

    • Brother I appreciate the passion. The Silk Road episode was great and very important. This is the third episode or a bonus episode that I put out today. With everything shut down and nothing to watch but mockingbird propaganda I think people would enjoy the conversation.

      • Sam, you’re doing great. I appreciate all the episodes, especially the recent ones w/ James Altucher and Shiva Ayyadurai. Different strokes for different folks. Keep on rockin