Thank you so much for tuning in for another episode of Tin Foil Hat with Sam Tripoli. This episode we welcome Legion Of Skanks’ Dave Smith to the show to discuss the economic stimulus package, the rise of true fascism and the disappearance of any 3rd party in the 2020 election!
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  • hello my name is Alexander Astor Rockefeller Rothschild Junior my family owns the planet we the elites have a plan for the start of the new world order and also hire disinformation agents to do our bidding i am about the reveal to you two top secret plans one is called project alpha and the other one is called operation omega let me start off with the origin story we tell our high level members we call this Genesis like the first book in the bible well in our lore there is Cain and Abel the two children of Adam and eve but eve is shortened from Evangelina but we elites shortened it into various languages throughout human history well Cain was conceived by Lucifer Beelzebub Satan by having sexual union with eve really Evangelina but she had to hide this fact from Adam the first man in the bible so Adam would become the stepfather of Cain progenitor of all elite psychopathic bloodlines later Adam had sexual union with eve or Evangelina and out came Abel we see Abel we pray often to Yahweh the god who created Adam and Evangelina in the beginning of human history Abel was a shepherd meaning he would raise farm animals like a cowboy or a rancher while Cain would grow fruits vegetables and other crops. Cain being the first born but not welcome for his unusual reptilian features and being the first vegan or vegetarian would be made fun of by Abel the second born son of Adam and eve Cain got really upset a started making a knife to stab Abel to death with his handmade knife made from a stone Cain stabs Abel to death and commits the first murder in world history Cain later makes a altar and cremates Abel’s body and tosses the ashes into a river but later Adam and Evangelina find out they pray to Yahweh the creator of the universe to punish Cain he began showing more reptilian demonic fallen angel characteristics but also still was human a hybrid so Adam and eve kicks Cain out their home a large tent in the desert Cain swears revenge on humankind just like his biological father Lucifer Beelzebub Satan Cronus Saturn the entity with a quadrillion names many years later Cain decides to build a huge large city he also invents weapons of war and other technology he would also invent all kinds of other things to bring chaos, death, destruction, disorder and evil he would also start all kinds of occult secret societies to spread evil throughout the planet earth and even the universe. later Adam and eve have sex again we see a boy named Seth would grow up he would invent and discover things that are sort of benevolent to humanity that would stop Cain and his children and grandchildren from nearly destroying the earth but Seth would die and many generations later all of Seth’s inventions would pass down to Noah who is his great great great grandson or something like that well i guess in this scenario Seth would be like a prehistoric Tesla or Thomas Edison or Steve jobs or Bill gates sort of.

  • Wake up! Biden is only being used as a tool to get whoever his VP will be or someone else into power. They want everyone to know he’s senile so after he’s elected they can remove him and put someone else in place.

  • Wake up! Biden is only being used as a tool to get whoever his VP will be or someone else into power. Biden is not the one!

  • 2+2= 4 If you multiply that by 8 then add 1 you get 33! There are 33 degrees in freemasonry! Its biblical. Just some gematria fo yo asses