Thank you so much for tuning in for another episode of Tin Foil Hat with Sam Tripoli. We welcome the best of the best, the Edge Of Wonder’s Rob Counts and Ben Chasteen, to discuss who was Hitler but end up hearing their research in what is really going on with the Coronavirus. The drop some serious truth bombs and leave me having no clue who is really behind this pandemic!

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  • to be clear for a time Stalin was made out to be a powerful and loyal ally of the West for a time: if we ignore history’s lessons were doomed to repeat them: but who will be the teacher? we have that chance- were not in china and its our duty to stand up with our rights not let them be taken

  • lol uhoh- i hope there is zero commie sympathizing here or my heart will be forever broken like this #BrokenSimulation @Sam Tripoli – your currently the HERO OF THIS FAKE PANDEMIC COMMIE TAKE OVER honestly thank you- may Almighty protect your family and plz never let them turn you or brain wash you- an open mind is always a free mind- unless enslaved by the deprivation of context and at lest a limited history – thats my own quote
    #FuckPornBots #FuckCCPNazis #FreeChina #JailGates #TFH4ever #TakeBravo2SpaceGoFundMe

  • Mostt of the real skulls & skeletons used in “Myth busters” TV show we’re from China. I lived in the Bay Area and went to the “Bone Shop” in El Ceritto CA. That was a decade ago. Chinese people have been being mass murdered for a long [email protected]ππ. Get with it please

    • @Fuck you – i agree about china they are getting butchered- any glorifying of them is worse then glorifying Nazis War crimes or Stalin’s bloody genocide- why? cuz we fought them- china we do biz with knowing all the sacrifices soldiers made in ww2 & 1

      the whole point is if you let shit like tiemen square massacre go- it will get worse and them come for your way of life -ANYONE whos not loud on china is not fit to lead- they are far from Russia: and thats not saying a whole lot but hey USA is currently just as bad Russia with martial law over a cold- precaution shouldn’t eradicate what the nation stands for EVER

      compromise on value is a loss not a victory

      ALL tyrants shall fall and the People of Eden will inherit the garden- inaction is evils licence

  • hey Mr Samuel Tripoli ever thought of running for congress or senate as a independent candidate after finishing your law degree and your stand up comedian job we need you there to help drain the swamp in Washington D.C hopefully you do not get murdered like so many other candidates or politicians.

  • I appreciate the show however, I’ll go to Edge of Wonder during these times. There is too much talk on TFH of opinions already Known and given the opportunity, the guests could have said much more. EOW started the show saying, ” All They Have Been Doing Is Researching”. I can’t be the only one who is also researching 16hrs a day and those of us that have followed many of these shows for years are eager for leading edge knowledge and confirmations.