Thank you for tuning for in an emergency swapcast with Intellihub’s Shepard Ambellas to discuss the possibility that all of this coronavirus activity is really about a doomsday asteroid that may or may not hit and destroy Planet Earth! Thank you for your support!

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Sam Tripoli

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  • hey guess whose birthday today is this is queen Elizabeth’s birthday she is ninety four years damn lizard lady or thing go ahead and kill yourself with some painkillers or cut your wrists with a knife bet you love doing that or get lizard weird having sex with children or killing puppies and kittens sick motherfucker inbred Illuminati free mason member.

  • Enjoyed it though it took me a while, interesting stuff!

    I’m not the other Neil from below, I’m the one who’s always been around and appreciate everything, no hate, takes a lot to do what you guys do and I wish to get to the level you’re at someday.

    All the best, stay safe

  • I think the Miliatary are useful in a pandemic as they are disciplined labourers that can work as a large team to move resources about. Second they are available incase people riot as the cops aint enough to control mass disorder. The N95 masks are simply because the amount being used outstrip supply. In the UK we have like enough for the NHS to last a few days at a time so their is no stockpile for the end of The World! Ventilators are more important in pneumonia than dust. Dust is very large particles compared to a virus! DEATH is death be that at the hands of a virus or a rock hitting you on the head. Its the exact same outcome! I mean he said Sun mass ejection UFOS then he added being hit by an asteroid then a new planet coming in and then added Empty hospitals. Well they are not empty the have low occupancy thats because you have more beds than you need. Thats the whole point! If you dont have more than you need you end up like Italy!

  • No riots.

    If we take out the globalists, satanic communist scumbag “elite”.
    If we take out the treasonous rats.

    We must be precise and surgical.
    If you enforce treason laws, be prepared to take the consequences.

    Do not act crazy or do anything stupid.

    I proudly would give my life for my brothers and sisters.

    I will pray that God’s mercy will be upon us patriots.

  • 29th April 4.55am you supposed to be able to see it .Just before it hits us and wipes most off the world out .you would think it be best to try bomb it before gets closer .and keep bombing it to break it up .trump making friends with what’s his face president of North Korea could been so he can fire his missiles he is firing more than ever since covid 19.funny how MSM doesn’t tell you this .or that the presidents are in bunkers under ground so don’t get covid 19 .bit over the top for a weak strain of the flu .so we been told to stay put at home till astroid blows us to dust .I’m getting all sex possible especially 29th April I’ll be coming and going at same time 🔥⚡☄️🚀🛸

    • The comet has already started to break up, it has no chance of hitting us. The typical fear mongering from some of his guests.