QAnon exposes dark secrets about the CIA, and provides the public with an “inside look” at a real, “in-progress” Military Intelligence Project being conducted by the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA).

Sam Tripoli

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  • Hey Sam. a recent Q drop revealed this guy as a shill. and I was actually following the guy in this video.
    Just wanted to let you know. This man is not Q as he claims to be. The following link is the source where I received this information. It’s a link to a video off YouTube from the channel “Woke Societies”. You should have him on the show man. I recently found him and from what I’ve seen he does good research and shows it to you as he reads/talks about it. Here’s the link brother

  • Sam this dipshit pretends to be Q. I haven’t watched this video yet, as I’m going to now. But this guy is a fuckin tool.

  • This explains the maritime laws the US is based off of.

    Essentially, the deep state is run from those who control the assassins, the CIA (Control In Assassination)

    • It also explains how the song “Barrett’s Privateers” about privateers from Nova Scotia, Canada, is about a bunch of complete treasonis assholes, great song and Canadian, by an actual hero who pulled people from a burning plane and died, Stan Rogers. The metal band ‘Unleash the Archers’ covers one the baratone singer’s songs called “Northwest Passage.” Great cover if you don’t watch their video. Think he was 34 when he died. Great maritime song.

  • hey thank you for bringing Adam green from know more news hopefully you can look up Christopher Boleyn a conspiracy theorist who solved 911 there is Christopher Jon Bjerknes that guy is super smart he is a historian of sorts i think even Steven and Jana Ben DE noon from Israeli news live are good at exposing Zionism and the new world order some other guys i recommend is Gary Wayne from genesis six conspiracy he is a historian and is very good at exposing the Illuminati if you want to talk more about big pharma and health related conspiracies Dr Ted Bro er from health masters is good at this there is Dr Austin Bro er also from health masters i think Dr Ted’s wife Sharon bro er is also very smart Robert Ski Ba is another conspiracy theorist he is a flat earth er like Eddie bravo i would also think you guys on tin foil hat will love Dr Stephen Pigeon as well or Dr joy Pugh there is also Dr Lorraine Jeanette day she is a cancer survivor and a conspiracy theorist she advocates for vegetarianism the bible anti vaccination and other things she was a former orthopedic trauma surgeon at San Francisco general hospital she is 83 or 84 years old but looks like a young adult she is very smart you will love her for a discussion on tin foil hat soon.

  • Very good video. People need to pay attention to Q right now. Things are happening around the world like we’ve never seen before. Evil is running for the hills and everyone can enjoy the show!