Author James Perloff has been waking the world up with his books like “Tornado In A Junkyard” and “Truth Is a Lonely Warrior” for many years. He began as a writer for The New American magazine in 1985 and has continued to write books for the next 35 years.

In addition to being a writer, James also worked in the medical field for the better parts of three decades. With his experience with governmental corruption and his medical background, we jump into the science behind the Coronavirus, as well as the psychological operation that is being laid out by the powers that be.

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  • i have a idea on why we are still locked down and it is not corona virus could world war number three be in the works like maybe Venezuela Iran north Korea south Korea China Russia Israel Syria Yemen Turkey and some other nations preparing for a great thermonuclear war maybe we need a nuclear fallout shelter or a bunker to hide in or some kind of underground shelter or a cave.

  • ha ha ha the umbrella corporation in resident evil that is definitely the Jesuits or the new world order elite globalist international banking cabal or cartel the deep state the oligarchy watch some resident evil franchise to see some amazing nearly prophetic shit.

  • hey wait a second Greta Goldsmith or Thu n berg the how dare you girl the young female climate change activist is now a certified medical doctor she got her degree from liberty or trump university good lord god almighty the human species deserves to go extinct like the dodo birds the elephant birds and the dinosaurs.