Titus Frost is a researcher, journalist, YouTuber, and author of The Lost Truth. His channel YouTube.com/TitusFrost, has tons of videos & discussions on topics like the illuminati, New World Order, COVID 19, Jeffrey Epstein, PedoGate, human trafficking, and much more.

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  • oh come on guys – the fake globe model – spinning and rocketing through a vacuum turning you upside down all the time while covered with water – is so much easier to realize than the 911 towers dustified in 9 seconds each – but you’ve been indoctrinated and conditioned to believe the fake globe since you were little.
    how do you think we can stand on the ground? it’s NOT moving, obviously.. WATER NEVER curves, let alone hold to a ball flying tens of millions of miles a day – grow up guys. you should have caught a clue by now. this is over 5 years exposed now.
    only your inflated ego prevents you from looking around and believing your senses.
    the jesuits made up the ball circa 500 years ago to take power. get on jeranism & globebusters & waykiwayki to help you wake up