Jon Fitch is a MMA legend, author, podcaster & thinker. His fighting career began in 2002, collecting more than 32 professional victories throughout his career, while rising to stardom in the world’s fastest-growing and most brutal sports. He is a decorated Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu black belt. He has also written two books, Failing Upward/Death by Ego, and The Weight Cut Bible.

Jason Bermas is a researcher, activist & documentary filmmaker. Check out his films Invisible Empire, Fabled Enemies, 9/11 Loose Change, SHADE: The Motion Picture and his YouTube Channel



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  • hey Mr Sam Tripoli California is on fire literally in many areas yet our dictator our supreme leader Gavin News om i banning Halloween traditions of trick or treating and having Halloween celebrations this year is it time to order a recall or referendum on our corrupt two party system come on lets get the troops out of Afghanistan Syria Yemen and all the other countries in the world can we sue the federal reserve for arrest them for financial crimes and arrest everyone in the internal revenue service the central intelligence agency NSA national security agency federal bureau of investigation and other shady government agencies including department of education the department of state the department of energy the treasury department department of agriculture the entire department of commerce the entire department of justice the entire department of health and human services department of homeland security department of housing and urban development the entire department of interior the entire department of labor the entire department of defense i am president of the united states i would suggest a referendum on the entire department of transportation the entire department of foreign affairs veterans affairs recall or simply destroy those buildings and trap everyone who is in that building and burn it down to the ground the entire supreme court the entire legislative parliamentary branch of government such as the congress senate house of representatives my government will burn all government buildings down to ashes and put locked doors so no one in the government right now escapes my fury my government will also burn down all city halls and put locked doors and all state county and all government buildings and replace them with the private or public sector all government and all central banks and all banks all the multinational billionaire and millionaire owned buildings must be burned with fire matches and gasoline we are the arsonists party we burn down things for fun all criminals will also be burned to death immediately no more prisons violent criminals and pedophiles will face fiery execution all non violent criminals will be pardoned and set free on the streets of our nation will be burned down to ashes the arsonists will burn all the Democrats and Republicans with the worst punishment of being put on fire no will escape our fiery rage the arsonists party will immediately Julian from Wikileaks Edward snow den and other whistle blowers from imprisonment in fact all crime will be legalized we will end the war on drugs the war on terror and other wars or conflicts anyone that desire to make profits from war will be burned to death we will legalize all drugs we the newly founded arsonists party will punish all traitors drifters live action role players non player characters with fiery vengeance but all those who wish to join the arsonists party must officially pledge their lives to the arsonists party completed the arsonists party will immediately ban all forms of taxation fees charges mortgages foreclosures evictions and ban all forms of insurance instead all money will be put in a giant bonfire all credit cards cash and all technology must all be burned down yes computers smartphones television sets radios all forms of technology is illegal and banned expect for items used to make fire we the arsonists party will demand all weapons also be legalized and used for open carry or whatever not just firearms everyone will be allowed to carry knives hammers saws and other tools to use for self defense and for recreational or medical purposes.

  • also looks like black lives matter and anti fa are sponsored not only by George Schwartz but 600 other globalist organizations according to veterans today these sponsors of black lives matter include american conference of cantors american Jewish world service Americans for peace now Ansche Chesed anti defamation league anti Zionist sabbath Aquarian Min y an Arizona Jews for justice Atlanta Jewish musical festival Augusta Jewish federation a Venture turn berry Jewish center well i say Jewish or to be more specific this is the Khazar people the descendants of Cain whose father is known as Satan in the bible the synagogue of Satan the 13 bloodlines of Illuminati these are front groups for the black nobility now activated in the united states of america to overthrow the constitutional republic and usher in the new world order A v o DA h Bani Birth Colorado or ch a bad Lubavitcher’s the Lubavitcher dynasty is what Jared Goldsmith Astor Rockefeller Rothschild the guy his son in law he also reminds me of Damien thorn from the omen franchise of horror movies or a grown up rosemary’s baby or the bad guy from left behind series of books and a few movies made by Tim La hay e he is dead now but he was a huge Jesuit or Freemason who wrote a series of science fiction books called left behind always next to president Donald trump is descended from this dynasty which Adam green from know more news covered when you spoke with him on a previous podcast. the bad guy in this film was called Nicholas jetty Carpathian but anyway Jared looks like this guy he was secretary general of the united nations or the future president of the united states or a future prime minister of the united kingdom or something and was assisted by the pope Francis known in this book as Leonardo Fortune character in this book to take over the world and usher in a new technocratic totalitarian communist socialist one world government the left behind book was also released in a few movies called left behind one left behind tribulation force which was kind of like this resistance group led by a wacky conspiracy theorist Alex Jones or some kind of archetype figure the Alex Jones type figure is given the name of Ray ford Steele in this book in the left behind remake we had Nicholas cage being the Resistance group leader why has not Sam Tripoli ever mention this sort of science fiction novel is beyond me it ties also heavily in the Zionist globalist agenda quite well as well the dome of the rock or a mosque in Jerusalem gets destroyed the Jewish people rebuild the third temple or rebuild the ancient temple of Solomon and Nicholas Carpathian arrives to be a antihero of sorts but is really a bad guy or Pindar character.

  • hmm look like black lives matter these social justice warriors and anti fascist idiots do not know how to use a old school rotary phone i have a link called investment watch blog showing seventeen generation z or millennial generation losers do not know how to use a rotary phone or a phone booth where we used to put coins in to call people i feel sad about the state of intelligence looks like movie idiot c racy the one with mike judge where the dumbest people ever rule the world all the smart people are infertile or sterilized and prefer not to have children at all all the dummies get pregnant and reproduce outnumbering those who can critical think are gone or dead.

  • also i got some intelligence sources saying Donald trump is currently taking spiritual advice from a Jesuit preacher or pastor or church leader or a free masonic pastor named Paula white a woman who is a bit crazy she is a member of maybe the world council of churches or some interfaith organization that wants to combine all the religions on the world but to usher in a dark occult shady agenda of the one world religion that will openly declare Lucifer as god of the earth or Saturn/ Satan as king of this dimension or realm.

  • hmm looks like on Sept 17 their is going to be white house siege event could be scary and epic also looks like a event involving commies and new world types might try to come to assassinate the president there is also a meeting of free masons or Jesuits or Zionists including a rabbi named Jonathan Chan or Cohen or goldsmith or Rothschild or Astor or Rockefeller guy at least one of the top spiritual advisers for these elite bloodlines yeah David Rockefeller Jacob Rothschild and other millionaires and billionaires do occasionally go to weird religious occultist things and have odd shady spiritual advisers as well the kabbalah Jewish Hebrew moronic imbecilic idiotic lunatic voodoo mystic on Sept 26 called the return in between the Washington monumental obelisk penis thing and capitol hill should stay alert at all times this month on Sept 22 is a equinox coming soon on Sept 11 we have the anniversary of the September 11 terrorist attacks.