Thank you so much for tuning in for another episode of Tin Foil Hat with Sam Tripoli. This episode we welcome CryptoBeast’s Steve Outtrim to discuss the Occult in Silicon Valley.

Please check out Steve Outtrim’s channel & podcast.

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  • I love your podcast trips.. but my only criticism is to not talk as much. We ALL know how you feel about every issue you talk about at this point 250+ episodes in. Please let your guests speak. You derail the conversation. That’s the main difference between TFH vs THC or veritas with mel fabricous… they’re super professional and allow they’re guests to speak without being sidetracked by the host. Love you brother not trying to be a dick just trying to help you make the show better. Besides that keep up the great work. #loyaltothefoil

  • Sam’s always talking about trust fund babies… Donald Jr did an interview on Adam Corollas podcast a couple of weeks ago about all of the sensitivity and he went in depth about how Donald Sr always had his kids out in the construction sites doing work and being hands on. I wonder if he was implying that a lot of this is coming from kids from a similar up bringing but that were completely sheltered and lived in a cushy bubble, and words are like sticks and stones because they’ve never experienced actual sticks and stones. The men don’t feel like real men, so they try to change the definition of it. Rogan has also talked about a trust fund baby that he knew that I believe in Rogans words “wasn’t a man” because he had no sense of accomplishment, hardships, or adversity.

    • I always heard Alex Jones talking about pedophiles and it didnt make any sense at all until the Epstein stuff because he never explained it very well. I think Sam should try to go in depth on trust fund babies if this is a main source for a lot of this, I think it should be dug into a little more, start trying to expose some of these people, come up with nicknames for them, start a movement against them. #FU2

  • Duuuuude. Sorry to see YouTube banned you but it’s a sobering reality to the enemy this generation faces. When you went rouge in mid November and I noticed you hadn’t posted in a while my heart sunk. So happy to see you are posting on this site. I am a die hard fan and spreading this site like herpes in high school. I’m gonna push it to all my friends like a drug dealer pushes his new product. I’m gonna get them hooked like fish cause your truth bait coupled in with your comedic relief is unique and insightful and feeds the mind with real substantive knowledge. Watching mainstream news is like watching the food network for dinner… idk if that last one worked.. anyways big dawg fight the good fight. Ronin fo lyfe!

  • Dude, the thing he said about Fantasia… Holy shit, that movie scared the hell out of me because it just sounded and looked so ‘wrong’!

    P.S., Making moves to the new space, my YouTube algrthm has been getting realllly weird lately since your channel went away, and you’re the biggest thing I follow on youtoob. O_o

  • Dude I was depressed with out any of your shows seriously, I found you I will follow now, is time too get people together against Criminal Youtube, People should Boicot any corp do business with them

  • Sam, check out Edge of Wonder’s newest video about Project Looking Glass. You will shit bricks. Mind blowing info connecting Hillary to time travel. Congrats on the new site, you guys work hard and deserve the best. Love ya!

  • love Sam Tripoli shows. I had a hard time finding him again since U tube unjustly cut him off

    how do I add this to my desktop so I never miss anymore

  • Hell yeah! Fuck that youtube trash. Time for us to start voting with our clicks and dollars. If youtube wants to actively be on the wrong side of history then they will be forced to accept the consequences eventually. Like all unjust authoritarian power structures it too will be exposed, defeated, and replaced. Loyal to the foil baby.