The Union of the Unwanted mega group podcast is now available! Sam Tripoli (Tin Foil Hat), Ricky Varandas (The Ripple Effect), Midnight Mike (OBDM), and Charlie Robinson (Macroaggressions) had a crazy idea of getting a large group together to discuss the censorship of the alternative media. Last night it happened.

Please share this video. This discussion needs to happen now before it is too late.

Special guests include:

James Corbett, Ben Swann, Greg Carlwood, Those Conspiracy Guys, The Conspiracy Farm, Monica Perez, Luke Rudkowski, Josh Sigurdson, Tim Picciott, Ernest Hancock, Red Pill 78, Jay Dyer, OBDM, Issac Weishaupt, Jason Bermas, XG, Tommy G, Kate Awakening, Scott DeGroat, Fame, Jamie Dlux, and more.


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  • also according to woman she said that Hitler visited glacier national park together with a new wife named Otto Korzybski but he changed his name not to be found out he even testified at his deathbed and warned people of a rise of a globalist elite communist fascist socialist movement and the new world order kind of like Ted the UN a bomber guy and had a meeting with a former bodyguard at lake MacDonald lodge in glacier national park Montana or was it Hitlers new wife is named Lori and his new bodyguard is named Otto William Coat ES warned america about how the CIA and other government agencies including prototype models for united nations green movement sustainable development and other new world order agendas were his ideas before dying in 2004 he also warned about fake ass liberals in English not German since he learned a couple of new languages while traveling the world and even meeting politicians religious leaders and other important people possibly meeting Queen Elizabeth the Clinton family the bush family and some other people before his death in 2004 he could have also said 911 was right out of the Reich stag building fire along with witnesses events on the news maybe even the john f Kennedy assassination Robert Kennedy assassination the rise of communism in the soviet union the assassination of martin Luther king he also warned about rise of high level technology reversed engineered from old world war two tech and even worse he saw the Korean war and Vietnam war and said even he could not imagine how far the military industrial complex would go to steal other peoples natural resources he also warned about a future american holocaust a civil war a third world war and other things William Coat Es he is Jewish and even met with orthodox rabbis before his death and was in fact a founder of Zionism and the Israelis treating Palestinians was wrong i think William Coat es also saw princess Diana’s death and commented on the news during that time even William Coat Es/ Hitler was terrified about the science fiction world his own people would dream up yeah the Nile river to the Euphrates or greater Israel was one of his ideas he wrote down in some books and talked about on the television and radio.

  • hey Adolf Hitler could possible have changed his identity into William coat es he was born wait for on June 2 1911 and died back in Feb 24 2004 that is one of the new conspiracy theories i have heard on the world wide web check out american holocaust and the coming new world order blog spot com by Pamela Rae Schubert so much information she should be a guest on your next tin foil hat podcast a little crazy and wacky but crazy times call for crazy people.

  • i wonder if Sam Tripoli is willing to bring in Dr Loraine day for a chat she is a orthopedic trauma surgeon and a cancer survivor she has a lot of information about the deep state and elites including going deep inside the medical big pharma industrial complex also bring in Jana or Steven Ben DE noon from Israeli news live and they expose the new world order and other stuff bring in Deborah from stop the crime net i also suggest Celeste Solum she is a former F E M A worker she is very intelligent maybe Catherine Austin Fits and Charlotte from the deliberate dumb in g down of america i also suggest Gary Wayne from Genesis six conspiracy i also suggest Robert Ski BA he is kind of like Eddie bravo he is a original flat earth dude and a conspiracy legend another big time legend is Dr Joy Pugh she writes books and made album of music there is also odd reality and days of Noah for a chat along with Nicholson 1968 lets bring this guy on i think you will also like Anthony patch he is a expert on the large had Ron collider C E R N and d wave plus trans humanism i also suggest last american vagabond maybe will from demand the truth and Titus Frost for a discussion or some other guests both old and new lets talk and debate issues like adults or critical thinkers.