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  • hey Mr. Sam Tripoli sir I wonder what kind of guests will be invited on tin foil hat for the rest of this month and into next month maybe some new guests with interesting viewpoints on a couple of conspiracy theories and other stuff I highly recommend bring on doctor Carrie made j doctor Andrew Kaufman doctor Judy Mikovits doctor Sherry Ten Penny or doctor Lorraine Jeanette day a former orthopedic surgeon a whistle blower on big pharma I also think you will enjoy Del big tree sometime on this podcast.

  • Are the chemtrailing for mulititude of reasons? For one, imagine if real clouds were sentient… and could help humanity back to sanity, and the evil ones know this and r poisoning them out. They would be called Sylphs… its basically a spirt of cloud.. or maybe aether? While also raining down chemicals that keep the masses dull and asleep. Its like were turning into a world like the short story turned movie harrison Bergeron. Where to be smart is frowned upon because to be equal we all have to be dummed down and have no thoughts or originality. Thx guys