Thank you so for tuning in for another episode of Tin Foil Hat with Sam Tripoli. This episode is another edition of the Union Of The Unwanted Swapcast with your favorite truthers, podcasters and youtube content creators discussing today most important issues. Thank you for your support.

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  • Hey Sam,

    great episode, i had one idea for you guys while watching you guys talk about child trafficking,

    i think all of you guys should agree to do “shows” on a particular topic at the same time, like how the MSM does with there 4am talking points, so for example, on your email tree of all the dudes, how many that is 30, 40 etc , you all decide to do a show on child traffiking one week for example, as it will be stranght in niumbers to rasie awareness over the greatst possible amont of people, then the next week the topic could be covid cures etc etc , but i think the child trafficking topic is the most unifing subject to get people to wake up… anyway dude , just a thought, keep up the good work brother, you are a true beackon of light dude, anytime your ever in London the drinks are on me. Sumo.

  • hey Mr Sam Tripoli i suggest you go on shaking my head productions on YouTube and shaking my head productions 2 it is a really great channel covering all things that tin foil hat might be interested along with the swarm or your posse or gang might enjoy.