Thank you so much for tuning in for another episode of Tin Foil Hat with Sam Tripoli. This episode we welcome Spiritual Photographer Garrik King to discuss his finding when he played some famous and infamous speeches backwards. It get weird up in here for sure. Thank you so much for your support.

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  • look at the no masks no vaccinations protests in Berlin Germany also in France i think even Canada is starting the wake up from this corona virus hoax or false flag similar to the JFK assassination and maybe September 11 2001 so called terrorist attacks here is a thought in Spanish the corona means the crown virus this crown is the crowned ones the fallen angels the lizard people telling us who is responsible for this mass global idiocy moronic imbecilic insane psychopath agenda September in Latin or in Spanish is actually the seventh month of the oldest calendar known to us humans centuries or millennia ago which is the Palestinian Hebrew truly Semitic calendar or pagan tribal hunter gatherer warrior calendar. just break down Sept with some spaces and search in google or Wikipedia or bin g or yahoo the word called ember to find some deep knowledge also break down the word Oct is ancient times meant like octopus which has eight segments then search the word of Nov in really means in ancient times the ninth month then type in Dec it means the tenth month of a prehistoric ancient medieval calendar maybe the calendar they used in the time of Atlantis or Tartaric time period a very ancient one.

  • 1:48:30 Its not impossible at all to see what words would make what backwards messages: consider a ryming dictionary: IMAGINE what kind of books could have been written (let alone the computer programs that can exist today )

    i think its extreamly niave to think that its even diffucult let alone possible to predict and decide what would make what message back wards!

    ESPESSLIY DAVID BOWIE the guy was all into that shit

    amazing ep: thought it was pure bullshit at first, shouting half handed insults at the guest thru my screen: Turned out i was wrong: i do think there is something to the hidden info being unintentional(as must be the case with the examples pulled from Sams podcasts )

    but at the same time: to think that any modern mainstream Hoe artist is uting evil sounding shit in there by accedent is just silly: they are intentonally doing it IMO

    Also i think Bowie was trying to send the message he was ysed by them and hes only a fool not a part of the evil like todays pop stars

    just a thought!

    when he said “i dunno why i was there maker” this could be in reffrence to all the CIA plants today in music that say they were inspired by bowie…and hes not happy bout it!

  • 23:25 LOL i know you “dont wanna be little people” but that is the point of the psy-opp that is simulation theory

    there is no proof of sim theory, there is no indication of it (co-incidences dont count)

    so im not shure why you or anyone thinks this but its a transhumanist idea to DEVALUE HUMAN LIFE AND THE MAJESTY OF GODS CREATION


    reject evil and reject BULLSHIT

    but hey i dont blame you, games are fun, but this is not game or simulation

    this is real fucking life and we need to fight for this world or were all gunna be half human robot slaves


  • hey Mr Sam Tripoli sir thank you for providing some comedic relief along with some conspiracies and other stuff have you heard about the big protests happening somewhere in London recently that was a big crowd of people saying no to mandatory vaccinations and masks along with lock downs and other plans related to agenda 21 2030 corona virus new normal should really be new world order.

  • You wanna know the who/why/where/when of the Jonbenet Ramsey murder check out Field Mcconnell,that crazy bastard is a real American hero