Thank you so much for tuning in for another episode of Tin Foil Hat with Sam Tripoli. This episode we welcome Author Laurel Airica to the show to discuss her research into the power of words and how puns are used to put spells on us. Thank you so much for your support.

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  • Great episode! Thank You Sam, XG & Johnny, very much appreciated!
    (… sorry ScrewTube fucked y’all with the 2 strikes…. the Archons be rolling hard on us Truth Seekers lately…)
    All that said, I Love Each & Every One Of You who EVER reads this!
    Know you’re loved!
    Help someone if you can & Do it without Any expectation of Anything in return, Even a Thank You!
    Do it because you can, be the light, the example & the inspiration So So Many People NEED Right Now.
    Let your Loving Example be the force that makes others Strive to be a better person!
    Show Love, Spread Light & Become Unconditional Love!!!

    Andrew Wayne Stramel
    Carpenter, Actor, Model, Voice Over Artist & 6th Degree Black Belt in Conspiracy & Love! 😀

  • “That’s like some battle rap right there!” Lol. My thoughts exactly! Great point too on how everything is remixed. That was put very well. Natural Born Killers is the way to put whats said on murder entertainment. It was the moral of the story! It’s cool how you guys change up these shows with these amazing guest and once again I for one am left in awe! It made me feel better about myself too. When it comes to doing what you love as XG said, its never too late! Me and my friend have had our project that’s been taking much longer than intended to fulfill but I haven’t gave up on it and that is another reason why I find this show so inspiring because you Sam are a living testament of that! I got more from watching these shows than I expected and to think it was all because I taken interest in conspiracies!