Thank you so much for tuning in for another episode of Tin Foil Hat with Sam Tripoli. This episode we welcome the Dawson Boys, Ryan and Scott, to discuss Scott’s discovery of the Lost Colony of Roanoke! Thank you for your support!

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  • Well they thought of Irish as being a different race from White then, and until quite recently, within the past 75 years or so.

  • I wonder what is going to be coming the rest of this year we still have 57 days left in 2020 then on January 1 2021 it is the new year hopefully next year is better than this year or next year could be very scary and nightmarish more than 2020.

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  • Hell yea this is a great topic. I live kinds close to Roanoke so iv heard the official story many times. Now I’m ready to hear the real story