Thank you so much for tuning in for another episode of Tin Foil Hat with Sam Tripoli. This episode I welcome the Deftones’ Stephen Carpenter to the show to discuss his beliefs on flat earth, dinosaurs, nukes and space! Thank you so much for your support.

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  • 1:23:00 ok so if the guest doesn’t believe in viruses would he bang someone whos HIV positive? if he does that and dont catch the AIDS ill look into his ideas lmao
    CV-1984 is total BS but it dont mean you should think virus’s and germs aint real

    the reason you can be round people who are sick is the immune system, this guest doesn’t believe in viruses so i guess he doesn’t believe in immune system?

    4 the record i think nukes are probably fake aswell, just a thought though

  • @Sam Tripoli : you know who invented “SIMULATION” theory right? silicon valley and satanic billionares! like musk, like the CIA: lol if the CIA comes out and says something is true, do you think they are being honest? or doing a psy-opp? google CIA says were in a sim and read the propaganda for yourself – THIS IS THE TRANSHUMANIST adam and eve creation myth:

    AND MOST IMPORTANLY WHAT IM TRYING TO SAY IS WHEN YOU DE-VAULE HUMAN LIFE AND THE MIRICLE OF CREATION (first off its a slap in the face to The Creator…) calling human being NPCs and not realizing we were all asleep at one point, we were woken by the truth, we were sheep but now we are shepherds

    the sooner you stop de-humanizing the sleeping people who YOU AND I should be leadeing and making INTO LEADERS (dince thats the true value of leadership: making leaders from sheep-ple and waking people OUT of the “matrix” or rather; the delusion induced by propaganda)

    when you say there are NCPs aka human being that have no souls or are artificial and not created by the Spirit in the sky, or what ever God is- your basically saying propaganda has no real effect and those of us that relize whats going on are in some way Supperior or above those being fooled

    you imply that the sleeping are asleep due to the nature of there existence and CANNOT be re programed for good, they are enamys or at very least, not on our side: THIS IS DIVSION

    now i use to think you were a dis-info agent Sam, but now i belive your just a guy looking for knowledge and trying to teach

    well, hear what this tadpoll has to say because you are being led astray

    Jesus was no shape shifter as far as i can tell, he was no Demi-God either

    Just a saint, like the many other saints, who came with a mission, to SAVE the people you call NPCs

    to WAKE MOTHER FUCKERS UP from the idea that people cant change and greed is better then charity teaching and love

    if you want to preach what the LITERAL CIA and God father of trans human AGENDA believes; you will be worked like a puppet although your intentions are pure

    flat earth is dangerous in one way i can think of: it makes people a little dumber: weather earth is flat or not does not mean there is no space

    but its not as insidious as this new PSY OPP or nearly as dangerous

    were as flat earth really encourages spirituality for some reason and faith in the creator and the holly spirit that is really just the human spirit

    SIM THEORY makes people lose hope, doubt there meaning in the universe, think there is no karma because souls are mealy programs and AI

    and SORRY TO BURST A LOGICAL BUBBLE but if there are NPCs then by that nature were all just AI including your children and your dog, and oh yeh it would mean almost everything the pet psychic said was BS wich i dont believe is the case

    im more inclined to belive that in another life : your Dog was your loyal Donkey like she said: rather then there is no God, were in a simulation, and were all just AI

    WE CAN band together and stop the NWO

    WE DO have the power but fail to use it like the true representatives and creations of the divine

    and SIM THOERY is just another mental trick to keep us in chains by our own will

    the most hopelessly enslaved are the people who think they are really free: i think G. Orwells said that: Control a mans Mind, or perception and you control his reality

    ask yourself: Mandella effect, Flat earth to a smaller extent, Sim theory, the reptilians theory (wich im not totally ready to say is fake, just making a point here)

    they make people lose hope, they make us feel like there is NO POSSIBLE WAY TO RISE AND BE FREE AND CRUSH EVIL , and give them the fear we all have today while chaseing freedom and our RIGHTFUL DOMINION and stewardship over all of earth, our home: but not eachother

    they make the “boogie man” as your guest calls them: to big to ever hope to confront when in reality the empors buck fucking naked and barking orders at tigers raised to believe they are mutts on a farm

    give me 100 reasons you think any of the three above are real: and ill give you 1000 reasons IF I WAS AN EVIL DICTATOR : why i would want you to think i controlled the time line,the fabric of reality, the only plane of existence, or was a super powerful Space Lizard who will stomp out your species if you EVER THOUGHT about rising from your bondage

    these people have NOTHING OVER US besides our own GULABILITY

    they cant kill us all, or many of us really, unless we refuse to fight

    cows could easily trample a farmer and there fences, pigs could jump the farmer and eat him, they are smart enough

    but they are raised to feel powerless and incapable

    thats why im about to chow down on a bacon cheese burger, and not a Sam Tripoli Steak

    that and i dont like middle eastern food

    ONLY JOKEING: if you dont like shwarma, just get the fuck out of here eh?

    LOVE Al Wootton