Thank you so much for tuning in for another episode of Tin Foil Hat with Sam Tripoli. This episode I welcome the Queen Of The Resistance, Whitney Webb, to discuss the Dark Winter and Great Reset. Thank you so much for your support.

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  • Dems/Reps are akin to a two headed rattle snake. There is no benefit if either one bites you. And trust me, it’s in a snake’s nature to bite you, period.

  • Whitney Webb, as great as she ALWAYS is!!!

    The TFH team, brilliant, as what we’ve ALL become accustomed to.

    Ps. Isn’t it bad news that the people they wanna give the “cure/vaccine”,to 1st, are the weakest and most vulnerable, who are living off their shitty benefits/pensions/disability that ALL got fecked in the 2008 financial crisis, that these pricks through their gambling of OUR money caused…

    They have done zero testing at all on the vulnerable and obviously, it will benefit them, no pun intended, if the vaccine actually kills off the people who are “the weakest links”… These folks have contributed ALL their lives, for a comfortable retirement etc, gone to Vietnam, ALL the things that the blue check marks could and would NEVER do… These poor folks have already had their lives and futures ruined since 2008, now they sit in prisons which THEY have had to pay for, extortionate amounts compared to the actual value, thanks FED Reserve!!! So, OUR homes have gone from a place of relaxation and family cohesion, to no parole date life sentence…

    Every death of a vulnerable person, from a mandatory vaccine IS MURDER and WE ALL need to tell these pricks at the top, if vaccine has 95% success rate, (whatever the hell that means), how about them and their entire family take it and report back to us, in say 100 years…

    ALSO, before they rollout any of this B.S., we need to use OUR power and say, “Yo, there WILL BE a vaccine court & WE tell them in ADVANCE what algorithm WE will be using to calculate how much each persons family gets for “retribution” when they die due to this NWO plandemic…

    Seems fair to me….

    Didn’t mean to rant, I just got a bit of a case of the Co-Sam-itous 2020…
    T-Shirt idea?

  • 13:05 Also funny how that Borat sequel with Giuliana jerking off came out right around Giuliani started the court cases. Whitney and Johnny kind of look alike.

  • I don’t think Mrs Webb is as brilliant as Sam makes her out to be. She’s extremely negative. While a lot of things happend in the past few years that would make her conspiracy panties wet. Pardon the pun. She loves to mention a limited hangout, but i think she’s the one being a limited hangout. Continueing to just blame both sides. EVERYBODY is bad. Yeah that’s a easy win to just blame everybody. While many others, including myself, see two different sides….

    But when Sam questions her about Q or Trump, she back tracks a bit, and mentions clear evidence of election fraud within democratic states.

    Anyhow, i think she thinks she knows, but in my experience, i feel like she chooses a easy out with just saying, yeah it’s both sides. Where is the evidence, lets say for example for the last few years ? Am i just seeing something different here ? I don’t know, i guess i do.

    • Keep marching onward EU-Lee. You are on the right track as far questioning all things. Yet your perceived notion that our national political structure is balanced or tempered by opposing ideologies in a struggle between forces of good and evil is rather shortsighted and telling of how still wet you are behind the ears. Or if you prefer, wet between your cheeks because you sit in your own drenched underwear for reasons only known to yourself. It’s a long journey you have embarked upon and it may proceed with you learning to stand up from your squat and a further realization that pissing down your own leg only temporarily comforts. But I digress and I apologize for that slight. Because I sense in you a true interest in questioning that ball and chain you drag. Perhaps for starters, report to Mark Passio at twitter for bootcamp. May you soon learn to march and run forward with a true purpose and never look back, save for helping to uplift any fallen brethren. Have a good life!

    • you still Trump thumping? check out this video: it proves Trump the pupet gave BILLIONS TO BILL GATES FOR OPP WARP SPEED- dont be a cuck NO ONE IS COMING TO SAVE YOU…WE NEED TO SAVE OURSELFS AND FUCK THE PLAN- wheres the proof of that? lol love and Hope brother, even if your CIA , youll wake up; hopefully it doesnt take losing one of your friends or family to the forced vax or the death camps; to wake you from your slumber

  • I wonder what kind of new episodes will be premiering for the rest of this month for tin foil hat I hope some new and old guests show up on this podcast discussing current events or stuff like mysteries of the universe or conspiracies I suggest doctor Lorraine day she is one of the most smartest female conspiracy theorists of all time she is a former orthopedic trauma/ emergency room surgeon and has been featured as a guest on sixty minutes nightline CNN crossfire Orpah show Larry king live the 700 club john Anker berg show USA radio network art bell radio show three angels broadcasting network and trinity broadcasting network.