Thank you so much for tuning in for another episode of Tin Foil Hat with Sam Tripoli. This episode we welcome the Union Of The Unwanted’s Charlie Robinson to discuss his new book “The Controlled Demolition Of The American Empire!” Thank you so much for your support.

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  • I believe the theory behind diversity is there are qualified minorities to take those positions but don’t get promoted because the executive positions are filled by a bunch of white guys. Just like they talk about women breaking the glass ceiling. They should look within their companies and see if there are qualified minorities they have overlooked. I do not think companies should just grab some random person because it ticks a box.

  • I completely agree with Sam that 2021 will be whole new level of insane. The great Reset is just getting started. Once this vaccine fully rolls out a whole new level of medical tyranny will be in play. Also the economic fallout of covid is just beginning and evictions and foreclosures will really start to be in play starting January 1st when the CDC mandate ends. We have to start pressuring our elected officials to do something because if not around 20 million Americans might lose their housing.

  • Stephan molyneux is totally right about feminism look how women vote just like young kids overwhelmingly pro big government and anti freedom the only freedom theyre for is freedom to murder babies

  • you always mess that phrase up sammy, its “billionaires paying millionaires to convince the lower class the middle class is the problem” ive never met anyone in the middle class who thinks the lower class is the problem but there is an overabundance of people in the lower class who view at their neighbor making $150k as the problem and act like hes the equivalent to bill gates. The poor are always the ones weaponized because they’re the easiest to manipulate

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  • SUCH A GREAT FAKIN EPISODE! i think ill got listen to Charlies show…man just to have a conversation with some of these people; i started podcasting to spread my message and give my ideas value and a way to spread; but more and more i find my self just longing to converse with the people who can and will undoubtedly become the leaders and or founders of the resistance when the grid goes down and the NWO come to play for life and death wich i fear will be soon; call me a black piller? im being realistic, i dont want ANY OF THAT FREE NWO COMMIE CHEESE!!!

  • I fuck with backwards hat chrome microphone sam tripoli. Hell yea keep bringing the updates brother stay safe.