Thank you so much for tuning in for another episode of Tin Foil Hat With Sam Tripoli. This episode I welcome Independent Researcher Superstar, MemoryHold, to discuss Pizzagate, Psyops and Ghislaine Maxwell’s Terramar Project! Thank you for your support.

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  • the REAL #SAVEtheChildren Movement is the anti VAX movement vaxines are not needed, cause harm and are BS! id like to inject bill gates with every vax there is and film what happens for poo tube BROKEN SIM WILL REPLACE FUCK TUBE!

  • hmm I wonder if Mr. Sam Tripoli is interested in having Jordan Maxwell back on the podcast I heard he has recovered from some disease or injury that guy is a legend another guy to talk with is doctor ted bro e r from health masters or doctor Austin bro e r from health masters located in Florida there is also doctor Lorraine Jeanette day she is a legend in the conspiracy community she is a former orthopedic trauma surgeon and a cancer survivor there is also doctor Carrie made j doctor Judy Mitch o wits doctor Sherry ten penny doctor Thomas Cowan and doctor Andrew Kaufman. I think you might also enjoy Gerald Celente a expert economist from trends research in Kingston new York . another person I enjoy listening to dean Henderson he is a expert on the black nobility and the fallen angels from the bible.

    • Sticking to that 2,000 year old story of “ThE JoOs diD iT.”

      You think the jews are behind the rise in Dubai? What of the Saudi Oil Kings? Why does a Muslim own the first version of the KJV Bible? Why is it said that Queen Elizabeth is related to Muhammad? To think these egos will bow down to a single family or man when they rise to the top is the textbook definition of lunacy.
      Did you know both Muslims and Jews worship Saturn which is the ruler of this coming Age of Aquarius? Which is to happen at the Grand Conjunction of December 21st, 2020. The same day as the Winter Solstice in the Northern Hemisphere.
      I guarantee you did not know the Middle Finger is your Saturn Finger. You should get educated on esoteric knowledge before you spew idiocies, my man. I am tired of the ignorant sticking to hate.
      Do you know why ISRAEL are god’s chosen?
      Because when Isis, Ra & El come together you have God’s chosen.
      AKA when ISIS(Spirit) RA(MIND) & EL(BODY) unite as one; then you have God’s chosen.
      12 Archangel or 12 Arch Angles? The brain produces Electricity. EL-Ectricity. How many nerves are in the brain? 12
      Cherubrim or Cerebrum?
      There is no label to put on these people, you are going down a rabbit hole with no end and you are allowing your subconscious to be programmed to hate.
      *NEWS FLASH*
      It isn’t the Jews, Jezuits, Reptilians, or none of the like.
      Don’t be afraid of the boogy man who you is always keeping you down.
      It is only you.

      • you sound just like the guy in the comment section of the last video, is this seriously Moassad ? Isreals secret police? damn thats pathetic, guess what, Fucking Isreal is a dump, the people there mostly are dumb as fuck, and they are asking for trouble being a racist ethno apartheid state of terror, Jews arent Gods people, you sound worse then the blind haters, your a supremist, and any supremist is a goyam to me you shmuck

        Go Get pegged by a creepy Rabbi with a manora and baby Pecker blood on his crusted chosen people beard…

        for the record i love Jews, but fuck your faceless profile BS , your a mental cuck

    • Q was made to infiltrate the conspiracy community and to suppress or to “Quelle” those who are researching. The information Q puts out is so miniscule compared to what is truly going on. Trump isn’t going to save anyone. Go look up Trump and Kissinger. When Trump was asked about George Soros in a 2011 speach, he said “Leave Soros alone, he has enough to worry about.” I am sure you will find a way to defend your precious Trump. Don’t forget Trump banned bump stocks. He is against the 2A. Trump, Q, Flynn and all of the like are a monkey wrench thrown in to create Ordo ab Chao, or Order out of Chaos. If you think otherwise, you are part of the flock.

  • I wonder instead of Josephina Biden kamala Harris and Donald trump Michael pence we should really consider a third party option I remember some other candidates running but there or their viewpoints are exiled deported banned from the mainstream corporate media.

  • When trump was filmed next to Epstein, it was at a party with NFL CHEERLEADERS! WOEMEN (not children) nothing coming out about trump on the lolita Express (plane) or little St. James (the island). Great ep dudes MERRY FUCKING CHRISTMAS

  • Thanks Sam, you helped me realize the difference between the old school liberals and these people who call themselves liberals today. There is a big difference between what these parties are today and what they taught us that they were in school.