Thank you so much for tuning in for another episode of Tin Foil Hat with Sam Tripoli. This episode we welcome back one of the OG’s of truth game, the Higherside Chats’ Greg Carlwood, to discuss how science is the true religion of the Elites! Thank you so much for your support.

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  • Please guys at Broken Sim!!! Plz make it easier to find the TFH Pod that used to be on Youtube. TFH pod is the only thing I listen to & want to support this site instead of dling the audio off a third party app but plz make things easier to find. Luv ya guys Thanks

  • hey guess who was involved with the black death plague centuries ago pope clement vi or pope clement the sixth hmm papist Jesuit knights templar roman catholic conspiracy.

  • Y’all talking bout weed when buddy’s insignia is literally the Masonic square and compass with the eye of providence in the center. Arguing over analogs and chemicals while dude adopts the mark of the perceived enemy here. Or am I missing something about waving a skull and cross bones flag, and claiming to no be a pirate on the open sea?

    • It’s called symbolism and The Higherside Chats is taking it back. That doesn’t mean it’s evil, the holy grail is the uterus… He likes weed and pussy. Understand what he’s saying instead of being a pirate or whatever you do in your room.

  • Greg seems like his intentions are good, but homie needs to lay off the ganja. Google “EA2233”

    We as humans are addicted to the “dark side” of things… look at scary movies. They are always booming. That being said, I think I need to disconnect from you Sam. I love you, but it is time for me to grow and not be stuck in this paradigm of fearing an “unknown boogeyman.” I will always be loyal to the foil; but the only meaning something has, is the meaning you, yourself, give it. There will come a time where we will have to choose spirituality or materialism. It is said that 2021 is actually 2012. On December 21st, 2020 a major shift will come. The Grand Conjunction, the last time the planets lined up this way was during the Protestant Reformation. I am sure many of the Swarm will belittle me for looking toward the stars yet they follow a book written on allegories, by people who they condemn.
    Stay blessed all

    • so what your saying The guest should smoke synthetic tch?…. Dimethylheptylpyran (DMHP, 3-(1,2-dimethylheptyl)-Δ6a(10a)-THC, 1,2-dimethylheptyl-Δ3-THC, A-40824, or EA-2233) is a synthetic analog of THC, which was invented in 1949 during attempts to elucidate the structure of Δ9-THC, one of the active components of Cannabis.[1] DMHP is a pale yellow, viscous oil which is insoluble in water, but dissolves in alcohol or non-polar solvents.

    • you sound like your smokeing that synth-THC hommie! im not sure what your trying to say you cryptic mofo, but every mutha tucker says the sky is falling ,

      well chicken little what we need to fear is the vaxine and the death camps not the stars and demons…WAKE UP ERIN! and as for being loyal 2 the foil, clearly you aint cuz your bailing over non specific shit and acting intellectual is lame AF

      • He is saying that all of the weed is weaponized and synthetic now, fool. Chill tf out. He ain’t lyin. Shit was already taken over by the 60s. People think they won when it was legalized in Cali. All that did was make them have more control. Now every shop you go to has the exact same shit. That EA2233 trash. Just a few years ago, you could go to dif shops and get dif shit every time. Not anymore, unless your hittin those trap shops and if so they grow their shit with pesticides anyhow. And he’s right, Sam needs to focus more on the light rather than darkness. I come here to escape and it’s just the same old regurgitated pessimism. The guest was talking about how some lady wrote a letter saying she would ever kill herself and if she died someone did it, then right after she was found dead. Sounds scripted af to me. They aren’t going after small time people like that. If they were then Snowden would be dead. But he is part of their psyop… You need to wake up ALEX.

        The only thing to fear, is fear itself.

        • Preach man!!! can’t get more than 100mg at the club now… plus don’t forget the triple taxation. You’re exactly right, it’s coming from corporate farms now. Mushrooms are the new magic crop. Weed is just alcohol a couple of years after prohibition now but now we have the internet and photoshop.

    • WTF lol just because his shit says THC… he doesn’t look or sound high at all… if anyone needs to lay off the Ganja it’s the phat dabs that XG is taking and he doesn’t need to lay off that shit, keep that wax flowing.