Welcome to another episode of Truthzilla! We had the pleasure of sitting down for an epic, almost 3-hour long conversation with our wonderful friend Ricky Varandas from The Ripple Effect Podcast. Over the course of the last 7 years, Ricky has interviewed some incredibly influential people and has lead the charge bringing Truth to light during these last several months. Ricky was one of our very first guests. He played a major role in us getting the motivation to actually start this podcast. He offered some technical advice and encouragement that helped us get off the ground. Since then, he has been a huge advocate for us, getting us connected with the Union of the Unwanted which has allowed us to network with so many other people and take this show to places we never thought possible. Thank you Ricky! This is an incredible conversation that we hope you all enjoy!


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  • here are my predictions for 2024 presidential candidates Jeff Bezos Bill gates Elon musk warren buffet Larry Ellison mark Zuckerberg Jim Walton or Alice Walton s Robeson Walton Larry page Michael Bloomberg Charles Koch Christy Walton Daniel Crenshaw Niki Haley Jody Allen sister of Paul Allen Orpah Kanye west someone from the Rockefeller family someone from the Sackler family Sergey from google Leonard lauder Phil knight someone from mars someone from Blackstone group and a couple of other billionaires or millionaires.

  • how and why did William gates junior become the king of the world he has computers farming investing in vaccines geoengineering and some other things or is he the spokesperson for the elites I think Rockefeller or Rothschild or the Astor family is still doing some shady things or the papacy the Vatican the royal families of Europe and other black nobility families are up to shadowy dark arts things.

  • in fact every united states president including George Washington should be considered to be war criminals George Washington himself personally killed murdered some native American people back in the French and Indian native American war George Washington served the British empire or the king or queen of England back in his youth or before he became the first president of the united states even before the American revolution began. this is what ted or Malcolm x called the upper class. yeah add him to fight for charity.

  • hmm could I be the only one who remembers that because of George w bush the son of George hw bush or William Clinton was the precursor to trump other trump like characters or sociopaths elites psychopaths and war criminals may have been Gerald ford jimmy James carter Nixon and definitely Lyndon Baines Johnson the worst presidents in recent history.

  • what the heck is going in Washington dc there is soldiers from the military there and other security forces is it time to move to Mexico or down to Argentina or Uruguay or to the south pole where the penguins live penguins are not wearing masks or taking bill gates icky wizard potions.

  • here are some headlines from the future a week from now Joseph Biden dies from corona virus via being bitten by his pet dog joes pet dog become the new leader of the united states congress and all other functions of government are replaced by genetically engineered talking animals or by robots made by Boeing Microsoft amazon tesla and other tech giants.