We’re Willie Simon and Eric Freedman, two stand up comedians who make the animated podcast you’re hopefully about to watch. We have longer, audio-only versions of episodes available on iTunes, YouTube, Spotify, and wherever else you listen to podcasts.

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THIS EPISODE ► 2 Dumb Babies make fun of everything Drones. From Drones being used in war to drones being used to ship Amazon packages, to police drones, drug smuggling drones, drone races, and of course photo/video drones.

2 DUMB BABIES is an animated current events podcast from two comedians who only read headlines. Jokes first, facts sometimes.

The Revolution Will Be Mocked!

Eric J. Freedman

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  • Who’s the poor person that has to animate these two retards, the revolution will be mocked for a minute then you’ll stop listening. The funniest part is that you wrote this shit down before you recorded it HAHAHAHAHAHAHA Hilarious